Chishimba Falls

(The 3-in-1 Falls with Mutimina Falls and Kepala Rapids on the Lwombe River - Hydro Station)

Mutumuna Falls is the top-of-three (with dam wall)

Artist's rendering of Mutumuna Falls

The Kepala Rapids

Kepala Rapids: Same view, different angle

Kepala Rapids: Through a tree hole

Kepala Rapids: Dam wall visible in the distance

The late afternoon sun on Chishimba

Chishimba Falls: Big boulders above the abyss

Chishimba Falls: Below the falls

Chishimba Falls: Bottom of the falls

bulletGPS Position: 10 06.492S 030 55.051E 1318m 15.04 2.8.03
bulletDirections: From Kasama 30km on Luwingu Rd., turn right onto Mporokoso Rd for 5km, then left for 2km, then right again to get to the parking lot/camping ground (well signposted).
bulletDescription: The first falls, Mutumuna, is a broad fall of c 20m height; the second, Kepala, more rapids than falls; the third, the big one, Chishimba (also spelt Chisimba), a dramatic 3-drop fall into a deep rocky canyon.
bulletComment: Good camping facilities. Entry: K2180 pp/car - no extra charge for camping. Even though power station and dam are visible, the area has not been too badly disturbed. Walkways to the upper and lower falls have been fixed up and signposted, and viewing shelters built. Great for picnics and camping.

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